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Sunder - Map17 is here!

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Yeah, I notice that chunk of missing texture when I was playing Map 04 the second time. It's subtle, but taking a closer look, it's a tiny crusher. 
Didn't notice that when first playing Metal Descendants.

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Also, I noticed that in Map 07: Hollow Icon, the one of ceiling crosses where the blue door is located is missing something. 
Rather trivial, but something I've noticed. Not sure what sector it is since I don't pay attention to them. 
Unless it's intentional.

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It's a really good slaughter map , as always. I will continue my journey tomorrow maybe. Some remarks :


the trap with the "SSSHH" sign can be cheesed (after the blue key door). You can stay behind the door if you manage to escape the room while the door is opening. At 2:02:00


small texture error : doom77.png



- Outdoors areas should be more detailed imo.


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Yeah, I noticed that same trick with the SHHH fight. The door stays open several seconds longer than you need to hit the switch and fall back, to the point I wondered if that was the intended strategy or not.


Speaking of cheese, I was able to trigger the second big fight inside the library - the one with the barons, cybers and imps, and the mancubi on a few platforms above the player. If you stick out just so you can trigger the fight to begin without going down there. It was on GZdoom, in case it's that rather than any flaw in the map.


Finally, I found the way to get out of the last fight via a straferun back to the big caco arena. If I'm being honest, I liked doing that more than the intended way. Not out of a matter of challenge, but with how the level played and how you were going back and forth a lot, it felt like something that fit the level's design. It was one of those skips that yeah, was probably cheese but also one that felt really rewarding to find. On a related note, going back to the start where the BFG is results in all the cacos in that last fight coming through the big window. Gave me a chance to use the ammo I left there.


Great level overall. It's a different kind of feel and slaughter than map 16 or even 32.

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