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Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

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Decino went at it yesterday:


Video has already almost 24K views edit:30k views.


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@Turin Turambar Gazebo was there for the ride. I saw him in chat (even before Decino noticed).


Where does one report bugs (tracker?, forum?). I was just casually godmoding the wad to explore it and already found two maps with the same type of bug: stuff that closes with multiple W1 lines but open with a single (one-time reachable) switch. Soft-locks you out (MAP13) or in (MAP17).


[edit] Another two bugs in MAP19. Just writing them here so I won't forget. Some switches are reachable from a floor below, allowing you to bypass something (e.g. (-2464, -9656), (-3096, -10528), (-344, -5792), (-1632, -6136), (-1696, -4744)). I soft-blocked again with the elevator at (1696, -3488) by 'using' it just before the voodoo doll would raise it.


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