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Currently there seems to be a "hold" regarding uploading levels to ftp.gamers.org. Mirror sites are in the same situation. No uploading is possible.

Is this a normal function of the site?

If not, is it a glitch?

Any idea when it might start accepting wads again?

Where else can I upload a wad?



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The mirror sites never allow you to upload anything. I just went into the FTP and everything seems normal (incoming has write permissions). Make sure you are trying to connect to the incoming directory through FTP and not the HTTP interface, as the latter won't let you upload, and use archive.gamers.org as the address for idgames.

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ok... just fired up FileZilla and accessed ftp.gamers.org/pub/idgames/incoming. No luck. Where there should be a list of incoming wads, there is only an icon of a folder, the file name says "holding", and it was last modified on April 19th.

other directories are functioning as normal; I can access the levels directory, no problem.

you say you were able to access the incoming directory and everything appeared normal.

was there a listing of new wads?

if there was, then I may be missing a step here.

anyone else have this problem?



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Everything looks OK to me. The absence of files in /incoming means nothing's been uploaded since Ty examined and cleared the contents of that directory on 19 April.

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