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Pure Hellspawn

DOOM being used in CS Classes

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Hah, I just took a course on the same subjects this semester. If they taught it like this, I'd probably have been more interested in my homework assingments

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In my introduction to programming concepts class our instructor referenced Doom to make analogies. Iterative methods relating to hit detection is what I remember.

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We briefly mentioned Doom in a graphics class when we talked about BSP trees. I was apparently the only one who had done any Doom mapping in the class, so I could provide some more detail on how I thought it was used (which may or may not have been correct).

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exp(x) said:

A video of Chocolate Doom on OSWALD

That looks like a really cool little device, I wonder what else it can do. It looks like a cross between a GP2X and an Android device.

I should bust out PrBoom on my GP2X sometime.

And one of the programmers here at work says his class studied John John Carmack's use of BSP when he was learning to program at uni. If you read a bit of history, it's actually amazing all the PC graphics technologies that man pioneered himself. Scrolling, raycasting, etc. I'm not surprised he gets used as a formal case study.

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