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Shadow Dweller

Need some help with a Decorate code

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In a previous thread here, I said i was working on a monster that can darken the area around it. I've sense compete the first set of sprites for it's Idle state although the rear view sprites need to be worked on a little bit.

But what I'm getting at is this, now that I have a full rotation of the monster, I want to put it in a map. However I don't think my decorate code is working properly. The code below is what I have so far.

ACTOR Howler 9000
  spawnid 9
  obituary "%o was killed by a Howler."
  health 20
  radius 35
  height 40
  mass 50
  speed 8
  painchance 200
    HWLI AB 10 A_Look
    HWLI AB 4 A_Chase
    HWLC AB 10 A_FaceTarget
    HWLC AB 8 A_PosAttack
    HWLC AB 8
    goto See
    HWLI AB 3 A_Pain
    goto See
    HWLI AB 5
    HWLI AB 5 A_Scream
    HWLI AB 5 A_NoBlocking
    HWLI AB 5
    HWLI AB -1

So far this code gives me an in-game error that looks like this:

It's supposed to look like this:

In the Skulltag console it says it doesn't know what it is ("unknown object 9000" or something like that.)

So I'm wondering, what did I do wrong in the Decorate code? I know the Death state is incorrect, I have not drawn the death sprites yet so I figure it'll probably just disappear or become very still.

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I'd say your decorate lump is simply not loaded.

Are you sure that-
- It is included in the files that you load along your map?
- It is correctly named? If it's DECRATE or a similar typo, it won't work.
- It is correctly placed? If it is within markers (in a wad) or inside a subdirectory (in a pk3), it will not be parsed at all.

Nothing seems wrong in the code you posted.

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