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Hellfire II - demo

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A demo of Hellfire 2 is offered to you. In this wad - 5 maps, map 01-02-03, 21 & map 31. Format - limit removing. Recommended engine - PrBoom+.
Megawad has 5 maps: 3 of them (map 01-03) are re-makes of original Hellfire`s maps, while 21 and 31 - built from scratch. Each map is balanced for complete it by first attempt, although map 21
- isn`t easy, so be prepared!

Screen 1:

Screen 2:

Screen 3:

Screen 4:

I wish you all a good game!

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Well so far I've played about midway through the second level. Its just as annoyingly hard as the first Hellfire but still fun. I'm glad you made some new maps and am looking forward too playing them.

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Played through Map01, I'm usually not a fan of 95' style decoration, but I couldn't stop playing. Unfortunately, I have dinner reservations now, and after that a party to go to so I wont be able to play for a few hours :(

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