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Advanced Doom Builder/ZDoom editing tutorials.

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Hello, I'm working on a map-pack (not a megawad, probably about 5-7 maps) and I would like know how to do some basic things (although advanced in comparison to Vanilla editing) in editing. Send me links or desribe it here, up to you.

Basic Things (links to tutorial/solved)

1. Slope sectors/linedefs
2. Flats on walls, textures on ceilings. (Solved by myself, without a tutorial)
3. Realigning Flats (if possible)
4. Colored Sectors/Lights
5. Underwater (non-teleporting)
6. Lights lighting up in a .5 second series (going up, and on the floor)
7. On-Screen Text
8. Basic 3D Bridges (Not GZDoom, the ones with the Step Textures) (also: 3D Bridge Thing)
9. Teleporting in Monsters (They are not on the map initially) (ZDoom)
10. Scrolling floors that move you/enemies. (ZDoom?)
11. Lighting sectors only on either the ceiling or floor (I think this is it)
12. Importing custom monsters/weapons AND using them (ZDoom-compatible) (need a tutorial)
13. Doors that slide open, left and right, top and bottom (split)
14. Traps involving rockets/plasma shots coming out of walls. (ZDoom)
15. Switches doing more than 1 action (able to open a door, and lower a floor etc.) (ZDoom?)
16. Changing music
17. Changing the sky texture (Not sure)
18. Changing the in-game, and score-screen Level names. (Not sure)
19. Placing an intermission screen wherever I want one.
20. Light changes gradually in a sector (Example: hit a switch, a door opens up, the sector lights up because the sector behind the door is brighter than the switch is in.)

Also, I'd like a link to a texture pack that is much like Doom/Doom 2 textures.

These are all the ones I can think of right now. I may have more later.

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First post updated. Still need some more help.

Any linked item goes to the respective tutorial, and is otherwise, solved. I just need help on the non-linked ones, thanks.

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Here's some pages I found on the wiki that should help you out:

9. Thing Spawn, and the monster/item spawn numbers: Spawn Numbers

12. DECORATE is what you need: DECORATE. If you have SlumpEd, open up the monster and your wad. What I do at this point, and probably is not the most efficient way of doing things, is copy all of the monster's content into my wad. If you are doing multiple monsters at once, make sure the sprite names for the monsters are different (same goes for sounds and what-not). You can rename them easily using SlumpEd. If you want the monster to appear in Doom Builder (not sure if it works for other editors), you will probably need to add the line "//$Category monsters" (without the quotations, of course) at the top of the monster's DECORATE lump, just after the first open curly brace. The monster will also need an actor number. That is normally on the first line of the monster's DECORATE: "actor DoomImp 3001". Two of the same numbers usually result in crashes and errors when trying to start up the wad.

15. For this, you are going to need some knowledge of ACS scripting. If you are using Doom Builder, click on "Scripts" (on the toolbar at the top) and click "Edit BEHAVIOR lump" That will bring up a window where you can type up all your scripts. Here's a sample "two things at once" script:

script 1 (void)
  floor_lowerbyvalue(tag, speed, height)
  door_open(tag, speed, lighttag)
  //Do whatever else here
Here's the wiki page for ACS: ACS. I would highly recomend taking a read through that page and some of the subpages and tutorials at the bottom.

18. You can change the level's music, sky and name by using a MAPIINFO lump: MAPINFO

19. Cluster definitions on the MAPINFO page sounds like what you want, but there is a lot of handy information on there: MAPINFO

20. Door scripts seem to have a lighttag argument that will allow you to do this: Door Open. Doom Builder (and probably the other editors) has the lighttag argument in the linedef action itself (for example, linedef action 11 is door_open and it's third argument is the lighttag). All you would need to do is set what value you wanted.

Hope that helps.

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2. Only thing needed is an editor that supports ZDoom, such as Doom Builder.
3. A precisely timed Ceiling or floor panning should do the trick.
9. Spawn spots
10. See scrolling specials as well as Sector_SetWind and Current. You might also want to simply look at the Heretic/Hexen wind specials.
12. DECORATE. There are a few guides, but there is also and mostly a ton of examples you can copy then modify. ALL actors of the game (decorations, monsters, weapons, powerups, etc.) are available in DECORATE form for you to learn from.
14. Spawn spots
15. ACS
20. ACS

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I know this is years later but if you still are wondering on changing in game music you can take your music file (midi preferred due to smaller size and doom native use) and rename it to your levels song in your own wad

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