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Adding repeating switch actions

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I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do this...I'm working on a deathmatch level, and I added a pedestal that a power-up will go on. Obviously, to make it more difficult to get, I wanted to have it so that a switch was needed to lower the platform to get it.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any documentation on how to make the platform revert to its original height so that it can be triggered again multiple times. Is this achieved by more than one linedef? I'm only using the "lower to next lowest floor on repeating switch" tag in Doom Builder, which makes the switch work more than once, but the platform remains lowered.

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You want a platform (for lifts), not floor movement (for moving floors). You wan't to look for something along the lines of 'lower wait raise'.
http://zdoom.org/wiki/Action_specials <-- This gives you a list of action specials, and what they do.

I remembered that you may not be using 'Doom in Hexen format' in zdoom. If you are using the standard doom format, please disregard this.

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Yeah, I'm just using Doom in Doom Format for Zdoom. Using the 'lift' linedefs totally slipped my mind. Thanks. :D

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