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So you think you're fast?

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Forgive me for resurrecting an almost certainly dead topic, but I wanted to put my measly two cents in, too.

SpeakEasy.net says:

0.79 mbps download
0.73 mbps upload

Ping: 98 ms

173 mi

I thought mine was bad, but mine certainly isn't the worst on here.

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Went from barely 1.5 Mbs DSL to this a few months ago. Shame I'm probably going to have to back down to the next plan once my first year is up; $60 a month is outrageous, I don't care how fast it is, especially since I know it's cheaper in other areas where there's actual competition.

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My speeds are as follows 4mb/s download, 0.52 mb/s upload and 14 ms ping when connecting to Johannesburg - South Africa ~50km and 24ms when connecting to Capetown Newlands ~1000km. Not bad for this 3rd world shit hole I guess.

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