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PSP Doom help, please? : (

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Hello everyone, sorry to bother you all but i have question and somewhat of a rant :/ anyways as the title of the post is self explanatory...

i believe i have the recent version for PSP Doom 0.05, am i correct?
(if not, is there any new ports or versions that i haven't heard of yet that i can get for the psp? any links to them would be awesome!!)

anyways everything runs perfectly, ult.doom, doom 2, and final doom. but i was wondering is there any SPECIFIC type of PWADS's that i can and cannot run, because even the simplest PWAD cannot even run in my psp doom, even for just a simple weapons modification :/
is there anything i need to know to before running a PWAD? the setup? or files needed?

even i wanted to run "Fistfull of Doom" just for the heck of it:

is there a way i can get it to working in there?

may i remind u that i am a noob still learning all this mubo jumbo, though i know how to make maps :P ok? be gentle lol

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Try Doom for the PSP instead of PSP Doom. It's easier to play with patch WADs and dehacked hacks than PSP Doom, allowing up to four of each.


Both are based on DOOM sources rather than BOOM, so BOOM patch WADs won't work (partially or at all).

One of these days, I'll get around to porting PrBoom+. :D

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