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Help! with zdoom

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Well, I have recently re-installed doom collectors edition, and downloaded the lastest version of zdoom to get it working.
Now, I was wondering, is there any guide at all to editing sounds.

For example, I really like the chaingunner's weapon sound rather than the pistol sounding chaingun. How would I be able to edit it so that my chaingun sounds like the chaingunners? (For info the chaingunners gun sounds like continuous shotgun fire)

If it's possible, is there anyone that can show me how to do this?

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Create a text file and call it sndinfo.txt

Paste this into the file:

weapons/chngun	dsshotgn

Load the file as you would a WAD.

Voila, the chaingun now uses the shotgun sound.

Be aware though, the chaingun guy fires more slowly than the the player so it won't sound quite the same. It'll probably sound more like the spiderdemon or something.

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Thank you very much! I just got sick of that crappy pistol sound, now it sounds like a chaingun with more punch :D

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