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The Player's Challenges: BREED

Did You Pass BREED???  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Did You Pass BREED???

    • Yes, because I am awesome.
    • Yes, but only because I am a baby and used cheats.
    • No, because I couldn\'t find the exit in time.
    • No, because I was lazy and didn\'t make it through.

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The Greatest Challenge In The World Number One

Archive Maintainer :
Update to :
Advanced engine needed : (ZDoom)
Primary purpose : Single
Title : Breed
Filename : Breed.WAD
Release date : April 2009
Author : The Player
Email Address : tytazzytiger@gmail.com
Other Files By Author : None...Yet.
Misc. Author Info : Can you defeat the special tasks submitted to you from...The Player? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Description : The game is quite simple, if I really do say
Just get to the exit, no foul, no play
If you can't make it, I won't push a fault
But I really would say, "you suck." That is all.

You have stumbled upon the large demon grounds
Where the demons are made, they just appear around
With your trusty shotgun (and your chainsaw as well)
You must fight your way out of the deepest of hells
A Cyberdemon reigns, with his Barons of Hell
And the Revenants guard the many of shells
That will undoubtedly pile up and above
Your tiny little head, then fall like a dove
So now I say from me, The Player, to you
Can you make it to the exit and through?
I mean, surely a DOOM GOD such as yourself
Can make it through one measly gate, just delve
But beware of the Breed, my faithful servant
If you falter, you will find that you can't
Can't break free of the devilish horde
And you will lose. Lose in a manner most gore.

Additional Credits to : God. You will be needing Him to complete your journey...
* What is included *

New levels : 1
Sounds : No
Music : No
Graphics : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other : No (describe if yes)
Other files required : Breed.txt

* Play Information *

Game : DOOM2
Map # : MAP01
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented

* Construction *

Base : New from scratch
Build Time : Twenty minutes
Editor(s) used : DOOM Builder
Known Bugs : I would really suggest you hurry it up, you won't like your Doom when it slows like Nuts...
May Not Run With... : Vanilla Doom

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors (MAY) use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse. Permissions have been obtained from original
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact. I have received permission from the original authors of any
modified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrors
Web sites:
FTP sites:


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Nice map, except it is an another wow.wad clone and that's why it fucking sucks balls. Epic fail

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Omg you guise, I didn't know my map was THAT good! Thank you! :D

Wow was really an inspiration for me, it is such a misunderstood WAD. I mean, it's so blatantly obvious he was making a statement through the simplicity of the "one room, one gun, one demon" mechanic.

It was a powerful message, telling us of the claustrophobic feelings one can invoke from being in large crowds, and while the space may be large, the crowds make it seem very small.

The hanging man above the Cyberdemon pit is symbolic of the troubles we all have hanging over OUR heads, the ones that loom in our minds.

The BFG-9000 with the ammo in the corner is symbolic of a person readying himself for the dangerous road ahead, and being prepared for anything.

The lack of a real exit is telling us that we can't merely escape from life's problems, and that the only way out is, of course, death.

It's quite obvious. I can't believe no one saw it before!

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dutch devil said:

Not funny.

No really, I'm working on a megawad that'll blow your mind. For serious. 32 maps of sheer Doomy goodness, like nothing before it! :3

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Gaeole said:

No really, I'm working on a megawad that'll blow your mind. For serious. 32 maps of sheer Doomy goodness, like nothing before it! :3

Can't wait till it's released. I'm sure it'll be a nice contender for the Worst Wads Cacoward.

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This map was dreadful but I couldn't stop laughing when all those cubes were spawned. Pretty dreadful map I must admit. Whatever you do don't play it.

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All this negative feedback makes me really want to play this map now. Reverse psychology much?

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I gotta say, seeing 135426 demon cubes flying at me at once with one loud PPPSSHWWIIISHHSOOOOSSSHHHH sound was kind of terrifying.

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Pure Hellspawn said:

Can't wait till it's released. I'm sure it'll be a nice contender for the Worst Wads Cacoward.

Oh surely not. It'll be awesomer than that. :3

I'm telling you, this megawad will be so awesome, it'll make you take a look at all the other WADs before it and ask "Why did I even bother with those?" because this one will be that awesome. You will never look at Doom the same way again after you finish playing this megawad! :D

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Well, although I could not find the exit for some reason, I voted yes anyways cause I'm rebellious. Heroes of Might & Magic III IS a good game though...

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