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This map makes use of hexen linedef actions. Run in ZDoom or a similar port. This is a Doom2 map.







Thought I would try my hand at making a more traditional style of map. My past wads have all featured slaughter maps. I've never tried making this sort of map before so this is very experimental. Might be fun for speed runs, my best is 2:39 on UV. Difficulty levels are implemented. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)

Some of the problems I see: Too crowded, needs barrels, needs more doors/elevators, probably too hard. I'm not too concerned with detail but I don't want to totally neglect it either.

I had fun making this map so I'll probably make more like this in the future. They should be much better than this one though.

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Heh, I was sure the thread was about Espi's b2b. The names a bit different, though, and it wouldn't be the first time with repeated names for WADs, anyway.

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That's just the name for the thread. I didn't bother to name the map and I doubt I'll use it in a project, it's more of an experiment really.

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Here's a 0:56 speed run (without max kills) for zdoom 2.2.0:

If you want your maps to be more compatible I recommend using doombuilders boom format; then it will work in prboomplus as well as zdoom. I guess that's mostly for maps that don't have new monsters/weapons and such. And prboomplus demos don't desync on each new release.

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Damn, you made that look easy. I managed 1:59 but can probably do it much quicker now after seeing how you did it. Thanks, I'll check out the boom format.

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