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Dad Raulo

Suicidal monster (using DeHacked)

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Ok, so I made up with an idea for a monster using Doom 2 sprites, I replaced and changed some states so the monster does what I want to. It uses the chaingunner sprite, but he shoots cyber's rockets at you. The problem is that the monster suicides himself when near a wall or near another monster (with his own rockets, of course). Cyberdemons cant harm themselves, how can I achieve the same here ?

I'm using dehacked and XWE by the way. I don't want any DECORATE stuff or whatever.

Thanks, and sorry for my english.

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There are two monsters that are immune to explosion damage, the cyberdemon and the spiderdemon. The only way you could make this zombie not get damaged by its rockets using DeHackEd is to replace one of these with the new monster.

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That did the trick, thanks Myk. It is actually posible that a monster could fire the BFG weapon with the same results as a player ?

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Yes, as long as a monster-fired projectile has the frames from the BFG shot (117) for death (more technically, that have BFG codepointers in them).

BFG monsters are antisocial, that's their only fault (ie a baron with BFG plasma will turn on his brethren, unlike a baron with regular plasma). But on the other hand, they can kill you real fast.

What myk didn't say is that Cyberdemon/Spiderdemon slot monsters roar at full volume. Your call if you want rocket delivering psychic saints that look like sergeants.

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