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The testing grounds (title unfinished)

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This is a 10 level miniwad I am working on right now for Doom 2.
I am currently only started with level 1 and I am only doing to layout for now... I will put in all of the detail once i finish it. Here are a few pictures for it let me know what you think so far :D And if anyone wants to help feel free just post and let me know :D
Level 1 ~~~ 30%
Level 1
New Pics coming soon
PS I know I have had a couple of unfinished works on here... but those never turned out good (screwed up textures, didnt know how to get elavators, lifts, or teleports to work etc...) But this is the first one where it is (so far) going smooth :) just let me know if you have any suggestions
Thank you wish me luck :D
Edit: I have a little simple demo of the entire layout of the map (minus the boss) so if you want to test it (for the last part with the 3 keycard rooms just use idkfa) go ahead (Now im going to detail it and add monsters and items)
Thanks :D
Link : http://www.box.net/shared/b6p7sqc7ri
(no monsters yet just sectors,linedefs, and rooms)

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The screenshots don't really show anything at all. Just some simple geometric shapes and such, aside from the sixth one, which really doesn't show the map much either. All I can tell from them is that the map is fleshy. And that's about it.

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EarthQuake: Ya I know I just started yesterday but it is actually coming along pretty well :D
And i'm going to be adding more stuff soon (I always add things last)

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