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Heretic Enhanced

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I made a ZDoom mod called Doom Enhanced, which people seemed to like, oddly enough. I actually updated it not too long ago with Skulltag support, which is nice. I just forgot to announce it. So, uh, there you go.

Anyway! I've recently been beavering away on a follow-up, Heretic Enhanced. The aim of this is to take the sort of little changes and updatings I did and adapt them to Heretic. This'll mean additional animations, breakable objects, more coloured lighting, and a frankly absurd amount of gore.

Here's a couple of crappy screenshots. Sorry, I'm not especially good at this whole screenshots thing.
The aformentioned absurd amount of gore.
Finger lickin' good.

I've yet to really focus on anything other than the monsters, and even those are a little lacking at the moment due to laziness (placeholder footstep sounds etc.), although some props already make ambient sounds. Still, it's coming together with some nice little effects, and I thought I'd post about it here since folks seems to like Doom Enhanced.

Also, since you guys probably know more about the many games of Raven than I do (I wasn't a paticular fan of Hexen), I'm open to suggestions and ideas. Cheers!

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I await this with anticipation.

I liked doom enhanced, although I didn't like everything about it. Specifically the fact that liquid contact alerts enemies and that unalerted enemies only have one frame.

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