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doom armory site request

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anybody can name some good sites that contain classic doom extra weapons wads? im actually looking for certain extra weapons wads such as flashlight, dual pistol by picking up an extra pistol, a homing missle launcher such as the one used by revenant...classic original doom weapons....

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I don't think there is one, specific mod that contains all of the above, but I can point you in a few directions...

- There are separate flashlight weapons in WW-Opm and Doom 2.5. WW-Bni, WW-Cash, Enjay's Burghead Liberation wad and a few others have flashlights attached to weapons.
- Dual pistols have shown up in a LOT of mods. Nightmare Squad (nsquad) and Beautiful Doom have dual versions of the original Doom pistol, and other mods that have included dual pistols are Immoral Conduct, WW-Cola, Fury_X, Sniper_X, and Zero Tolerance, among several others.
- I've only seen one mod that lets you wield the Revenant's missile launcher: Locked and Loaded 4 by Pilottobombadier. Unaware if it has the homing feature on it.

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You basically just have to dissect custom wads that have weapons you like and then incorporate the elements into your wad. Just send e-mail to the author and 99 percent of the time they will cater to your needs if they can.

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