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Eternity Compatability Bug?

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I was playing Memento Mori with Eternity Engine 3.35.92 "Nekhbet" and had all the compatability options set to yes. On map08 the platform that is meant to rise to allow access to the blue door after grabbing a green armor... didn't rise. Typing tntcomp at the start of the level does allow proper completion.

I don't know what the issue is, I just wanted to point it out. I'm hopeful we will see a command line and/or config line to start a level in doom comp mode for bat files and such.


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This issue sounds familiar.

http://www.teamtnt.com/bugfixes.htm said:
Final DOOM if played with Boom

This really applies to various wads that required bugs in DOOM to work right, but applies especially obviously to TNT MAP30. Stairs on that leve that surround the red key post and that go up in the final area of the map won't work right because Boom fixed a bug in the way DOOM built the stairs. Just use the TNTCOMP cheat as you get to the level before it has a chance to build any stairs, and Boom will act as broken as DOOM did (but your stairs will get built as designed). You can toggle compatibility on and off any time with TNTCOMP.

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EE is *supposed* to have fixed the BOOM/MBF issues with comp_stairs (the thing got progressively more broken with every person that touched it...), but this didn't sound like an issue with stairs to me.

I will probably need to test the map in question personally to figure this out, so thanks for reporting it :)

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Hackneyed: it helps if you specify linedef or sector numbers when making this kind of report.

Having said that I think what you are talking about is linedef 359 which does a raise-to-next-highest-adjacent (special 119) on sector 63. A momentary glance at Eternity's code doesn't suggest it is doing anything different from PrBoom, however.

Maybe you somehow managed to skip the linedef? It's in a pretty awkward place. Or perhaps you had somehow activated one of the lift linedefs 368, 376, or 378, so activating the rising floor was ignored (the game won't start another action on a sector that's already doing something)

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RjY, you are wise in the ways of Doom. Thanks.

Keeping in mind that only one action can be handled at a time I went and tested the jump again, now as I see it was intended to be done (I thought the gap was too wide for a straight hop) and EE does work correctly. I also found that I could brake the map in the same way with PrBoom. Though I had been landing on the platform while the piller was still moving I had not always been crossing the corner of the action line thus braking the map.

I see now the problem was on my end. I guess it was just my dumb luck that lead me to think there was a problem and with my unfamiliarity with the map format I didn't check because I didn't really know what to look for with it. Sorry for wasting your time.

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