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Venture through Phobos

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Hi all

A new episode for Doom, with 8 new maps starting with normal techbase to infested/base then to hell/base as you progress further.

Khorus is also lending a hand with some maps, so at the moment we have 5 playable levels and a 6th 50% complete.

All wads are tested with chocolate doom, so there is no fancy source ports features, just hopefully old school dooming!

The screenshots were taken with zdoom as i having difficulty taking them with chocolate doom.


e1m1= Completed
e1m2= Completed
e1m3= 50%
e1m4= 0%
e1m5= Completed
e1m6= 90%
e1m7= 90%
e1m8= 0%









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This seems to be a pretty good year for Ultimate Doom episodes! Let's have more of those! I can't wait to play this!

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Looks excellent! Nothing like a good Ultimate Doom episode. I'm working on one myself, but I'm honestly not ready to show any of it..

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Thanks for the comments, once the first 7 levels are done I will be looking for some testers, so I will pm you then, hopefully it wont be to far from now.

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