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Texture editing help

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Ok so I dont know how to re align ceiling textures (like how you do with wall textures so that you can make them look good (mine is set to the left right and up keys lol)) but how do you do that for the ceiling and floor textures?
thank you :)
PS I have doombuilder 1.68 if that helps

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You can't align or rotate flats on either the floor or the ceiling. However, if you look at the grid on Doom Builder you will notice that, along with the smaller squares, there are larger squares delineated by a different color (I'm not sure what the colors are, being colorblind and all that...I can look it up if you don't figure it out. :P ) These larger squares are 64x64, just like all the flats in Doom are, and so a flat such as a teleport will line up with those.

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Ok thanks I always thought that was for orginization lol
myyy bad :D
cool then I know what to do then :)
thanks for the help :)

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DuckReconMajor said:

They're blue :)

Gunmetal blue to be precise - or whatever colour you care to change them to. :)

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