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Twist room

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I was wondering how do you twist rooms in doom builder... like make a cubed room and make the walls scroll AND the floor and ceiling scroll (like how the walls do) I know you can make the floor and ceiling scroll too but how do you do that at the same time?

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I'm kind of confused. Are you trying to make the walls scroll in one direction and have the ceiling rotate along with them?

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Yah i want the wall textures to scroll a certian direction and the floor and ceiling to scroll too (in doombuilder you can do that in zdoom in doom mode you can scroll the ceiling or the floor or both lol but you cant do wall and celing/floor) if that makes sense?
But ya... lol

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Linking to the ZDoom wiki is somewhat misleading, since the effect works perfectly well in Boom, but anyways...

Here's a quick demo map showing how it works (at least I assume that's what you meant by 'twist'):

The speed of the floor and ceiling scrolling is determined by how long the lines are in that little sector on the outside of the room (32 units in this example).

The speed of the wall scrolling is determined by their X/Y texture offset (X is set to 1 in this case, -1 would make it go the other way).

There's also a linetype that scrolls the floor without pushing you along with it.

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