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Replacing weapons

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How do you about replacing current doom weapons with new ones?

For instance, I don't want a shotgun anymore so I would like to replace it with laser vulcan. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance.

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Lasers are a little problematic in Doom, you'll almost certainly be needing a source port for that one.

First and foremost, you need the sprites for your weapon. Then you'll need a lump editor like XWE or Wintex to import them. Finally, in the case of lasers, (assuming you don't mean small, rapid-fire type lasers, which would actually be easier) you'll most likely need some decorate coding to get that working as intended.

Also, how can you not want a shotgun? It's Doom.

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Lasers are still problematic in Doom, as no source port supports custom railgun graphics afaik.

(I've been wanting that in ZDoom for years for one of my Hexen weapons)

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DooMAD said:
Also, how can you not want a shotgun? It's Doom. [/B]

How can you not want a shotgun in ANY FPS? Well, except Halo. Aside from all the usual gripes about it, it emasculated RPGs and shotguns' power in videogames forever.

As said above, if you just want to change the weapon's sprites/sounds, well, just edit your WAD to change the sprites and sounds. If you want it to actually have a different attack (replacing the hitscan shotgun with a projectile laser gun, for instance) will require some editing.

I would recommend checking out the ZDoom Wiki and learning about DECORATE scripting for weapons.

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great I found out how. After looking at another wad known as NEON6 I saw how he edited the hotkeys for weapons in another form of DECORATE.

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