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ggg weird maps

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Whoa. Stand slightly-off center of the arrangement and look down at Vertex 679. Nausea city.

Wrong enemy selection with the Cyberdemon. Everyone knows Doomguy's heart belongs to Impse :P

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Heh, this is the first time I bothered trying to figure out xwe. It helped to open doom2.wad to copy stuff from there to my wad, and the s_start etc markers are somewhat intuitive. I still don't really know what I'm doing- I understand 'monsterA2A8' seems to mean that same frame is used mirrored left and right. I tried to edit a sound but it just turned into white noise because audacity can't make waves of the right bit rate or something I guess. I should edit the cyber blood explosion into the shape of a heart. Also I was lazy so only the front facing sprite is edited as far as crotch shooting.

One cool thing I noticed in old school mario kart- I think there's only 8 frames for a character but each frame is animated in addition to rotating (so instead of being one static 'frame' that rotates, looking the same from each angle, yoshi sticks out his tongue when he turns to the left as well as rotates- but that extra animation is still compressed into only 8 frames so he ALWAYS sticks out his tongue when he turns to the left.. might be interesting to make a doom enemy like that somehow).

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