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Doomworld RSS messed up?

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I've recently added the Doomworld RSS (http://doomworld.com/php/dwrss.php) into Thunderbird and it's acting a little strange. It seems that every time it checks for new messages, it downloads all the messages in the feed, even if they've already been downloaded. None of my other RSS feeds have this behavior however.

Is there some special setting that I need to set to prevent this RSS from acting this way?

~ FrozenNemesis

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Thunderbird is pretty unstable for RSS feeds and mine screw up in it alot. Try RSS Reader, I dont think anything is wrong with the actual Doomworld RSS, though I dont check my RSS that often.

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Raziel Anarki said:

i use the sage extension for ff. it's simple but it rocks :)

Never heard of it, is it made by Mozilla too?

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Super Jamie said:

Google Reader - superior to all

I dunno... I really like my Snownews and have not had an issue with it yet.

And Doomworld's RSS is acting fine for me. I agree it must be Thunderbird from experience.

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Previous to using Thunderbird, I was using Outlook Express with the "RSS Popper" addon and it was doing the same thing there. I certainly don't mean to imply that you are all lying or something, but I find it rather difficult to believe this is a Thunderbird issue as I have 14 other RSS feeds set up in the exact same manner as I set up the Doomworld one and none of them have this issue. (As an additional note, I had 3 other RSS feeds running along Doomworld while using RSS Popper, and none of them did this either.)

~ FrozenNemesis

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