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Looking to get involved

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Hello Doom World,
I am looking for a project to get involved with. I will say that I have never been involved in a project, but I want to be a active part of this great community that I have poked into and out of for a long time. My history of wads is small in a released since. Only 1 released, but I've been playing around with wads for a long time. I'm looking for anything really. Even a play tester to get me started.

So, If your looking for some help, please drop me a line.

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Most people, if they are starting a project, or need help/playtesting, will start a thread and if you are interested, you can sign up directly on that thread. Keep your eyes open, there is always something interesting going on. Sometimes these interesting things are even Doom related. :P You will find something that you like.

Good luck.

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Yeah, good advice. Don't just offer yourself to any random project, or you might not be satisfied with the requirements or with what the project entails. It's best that you lie low and wait for the right one that really interests you.

But since you've already started this thread, you might take it a step further and elaborate on what experience you have. Do you just map, or can you do graphics, musics, scripting, etc? Maybe upload or provide links to work you've already done.

Enjoy your stay.

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