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Ah well I guess they won't update the website any more, the project's finished :)

You can contact Andy Olivera, he's part of the HRII team and is now in charge of the Doom SDA. Check the demo subforum here, and send him a PM !

Dunno if Jonas Feragen is still around though...

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gemini09 said:

Why do you want to contact them? Jonas AKA Chrozoron is still around.

I have an offer for the team.

chroz said:

i still exist :).

Ah your Jonas?

If so i tried to send you an email from the hr2 site, but it said it no longer existed.

I belive you were the leader of the project?

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Yep, thats true.. but as they say, Andy Olivera took over and finished it much later, after I kinda lost interest in the project myself..

This is a long time ago tho. But I suppose one could find most team members by doing a little googling.. What did you have in mind.. HR3? :)

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All i can say is, if there were to be a hr3, this project would fit right in...

could i get your email i have one all set up from when i tried your other email :p

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