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Comment and a question about Map05

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I've been playing Freedoom 0.6.3, and I just want to say keep up the good work. I've just been really enjoying this free software Doom-based game.

My question is for Freedoom is about Map05. I've been playing it a few times and I notice on Map05's map screen, the word "DOOM", I searched all over and can't find a warp to it. When I activate the no clip code, it turns out to be another room. Is there any way to enter this room without the no clip code? Is this an easter egg that can only be accessed via no clip?

Please answer my questions about Map05, it has me really curious. I tried searching the Freedoom boards and I couldn't find anything.

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The whole time I was looking for a warp pad or a door to access it. I didn't expect that little thing to be the warp. Thanks for answering my question, just seeing DOOM and that room via no clip had me wondering.

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