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how to make skulltag bots talk?

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i am making some bots for my WAD, and i have got them to do everything- except talk.

i looked on the zdoom wiki and the skulltag forums and it says i need to either make a lump outside of the wad and add a reference to it, or make a lump inside the wad and refer to that. i want to make it inside my wad.

but it says nothing on how to structure the lump. (e.g. what the bots says when it joins a game, what it says when it is losing, what it says when it is winning, what it says as general chat, etc.)

any help? has anyone else been able to do this?


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Look for the botinfo lump in skulltag.wad (I don't think it's been moved to the pk3, though maybe it has, check them both) and use that as an example.

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