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Doom Builder 2 crashes when exiting testing

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Whenever I exit Doom after testing a map I get this message:

and these details:

...huge post...

I'm on Windows Vista. I run as Administrator. I've reinstalled the program. I use ZDoom and GZDoom to test. The first time I made a map in Doom 2 format and it was fine when I finished testing. Then I tried a ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) map and ever since then Doom 2 and both ZDoom formats crash when exiting testing.

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This is a somewhat known issue. It was posted just before the release, but I could not reproduce it with the information that was provided. I hate it when people yell "It doesn't work" while it works just fine for me :(

Doom Builder 2 has a development forum for bug reports:
Please go there and add to the existing bug report if there is any information you can add.

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