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If you have stumbled upon this notice and are a doom 64 fan you just might like what I have to say, so stick around. Now I have read the forum rules and hope this doesn't violate any rules I may have misunderstood and I sure as heck don't want this to end up in the post hell under the moron section, but here's what I have to say.

SML A DOOM 64 Is a doom 64 clone made with game maker 7.0 and at the time I write this notice the game has has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating so I know people are enjoying it, which brings me here to inform the doom community about it's exsistence. It is a fun simple stand alone executable made from the SMARTY LAB ABANDONMENT (SmL A) engine by TOT COMICS INC. And can be downloaded at totcomics.webs.com. If you try it and like it, download a new copy every once in a while because it is constantly being updated by TOT COMICS.

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I'm not brave enough to install some obscure plug-in in order to play a Game Maker game online, but from my experience with games created with it and other similar utilities I wouldn't expect great performance.

Also, by the description it sounds more like a Doom recreation, with a different engine and gameplay code. I don't want to judge it without playing it, but I wouldn't expect much.

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Emulaters and Kaiser's Doom 64 is much more interesting.
Sorry, the game maker stuff isn't my best friend, not very... Game like.

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