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guide to demons- a short movie in doom

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i have been teaching myself acs scripting for the past week.

today, using acs i made a short 10 minute movie in doom, which i call "guide to demons".

it is just a very small guide on doom, doom 2, and skulltag demons.

i tried to add humour to it as well. a lot. hope you find my sense of humour amusing :/

you will need skulltag for it, as it has skulltag items, and run it under the doom 2 iwad.

it took me a total of 5-6 hours.

hope you enjoy! please do comment (or critize, as long as it's constructive criticism) here :)

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Good start on acs scripting. The only problem is most times your "test subject" blocks the view of the monster attacking. And with the bigger more powerful monsters, all you see is your test subject zombie fly off screen somewhere.

Try using bigger rooms with multiple cameras positioned around at different angles. This way you can have the script switch between camera's and capture more of the action. Just an idea, experiment around with it and see what looks good.

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Good video, I found it entertaining. I second what rr_r said though, the test subject gets in the way too much. It would be really cool if you had multiple camera angles to see the action better as well, and maybe an instant replay of the attack would be cool as well... :)

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