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Some new (old) map

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I've been working on this map off and on for the past two years or so (my own personal Duke Nukem Forever). There's a vague story line with a great, big intro cinematic on the TITLEMAP if one chooses to watch. Essentially, the Icon of Sin's favorite person, the player (you) is dead, and has been for a very, very long time. For hundreds, maybe thousands of year's after the events of Doom. You've received extra special treatment during this time (activity day include being chained to a wall with white hot razor wire.. forever). It just so happens, invasion of hell #2 happens, and you're free to exact revenge on a more personal level.

It looks to be like I'm finally at the last leg of putting this thing together. Some scripting, items, bug testing and some touch up here and there. I wanted to do a (nearly) full scale city scape. Unfortunately though, Doom is very unforgiving when it comes to frame rate with 30,000 side defs in clear view. Anyway, proof!

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This looks pretty cool! I do have to mention that the big archway on the right side of shot 2 looks rather flat and flimsy to me, though...it'd help a lot if you created either a custom-fitted texture for it, or some sort of border/trim(s) in or around it to add some more contrast and complexity.

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