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heres a map i just finished..changed exit room

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Game play was all right. I think it would have been more fun if it had included barrels and maybe some more monsters, preferably in the form of monster closets. Too much energy cell ammo in my opinion, trivialized some of the ending encounters.

The detailing in your map was inconsistent. Some areas looked pretty good, some average, and some looked like crap. I wouldn't bother fixing it up though, just try to make each map you make look a little better than the last. They'll look bad ass soon enough.

Lots of unaligned textures in your map, check this out if you haven't already:


Keep mapping, the better you get the more fun it is.

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What editor might you have used to make the map? Both versions of Doom Builder have a visual/3d mode that can allow you to automatically and manually align textures.

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Just finished playing it. Its ok for a first map. Only thing is, too much healing/ammo and some textures misalignment but it was ok.

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What I like is that your level is colorful, but it looks very incomplete,
because there is not much detail, but you can change this... Look what I did with my first level:

Now: try to increase the detail of your map :-P !

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Heres my second one.Its bigger than first one
Singleplayer only.I have two links because refinery.wad works with zdoom.REFZDMN.wad works with zdeamon.They are exactly the same map except i had to change direction of slope thing to get them to work.If I left it the way I have it in refinery.wad (zdoom version)slope would be backwards in zdeamon.I hope everybody likes it.Would also like any input about it.

link for zdoom version


link for zdeamon version

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Game play spoilers in feedback:

The architecture was decent, some of the stairs looked awesome. Lighting was good overall and great in some areas. I think the cement3 texture was overused. The layout of the level seemed a little off, too many long hallways for one thing.

The game play was fairly dull for me. Too easy all around except for the spider demon in the exit (I ran out of ammo), and the room with the chaingunners and barrels could have been problematic. Too many encounters had all the enemies appearing in front of the player. To make it interesting I suggest more encounters where you have monsters attacking you from multiple angles. The level wasn't terrible but there really wasn't anything memorable about it.

Take the last room for example, with the barons, pain elementals, and demons. Lots of tough monsters in there but they were no threat. I just opened the door, backed down the hall a bit, and fired the plasma gun into the room until everything was dead. They fired off a couple shots at me but I had plenty of room to dodge. No pressure.

To make an encounter like this harder I suggest making it so the player has no choice but to fight in the room with the monsters. For example, make the player drop into the room rather than stroll in through a doorway. The room would need to be a little bigger though so that the player has a little room to move around.

This is a map of a room similar to your final room if you want to check it out, might spark some ideas.


Overall I'll give it a 5/10. I suggest focusing on game play, your aesthetics are decent.

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Great idea about room.It gave me another idea maybe use teleport into room?I think i will rework map a bit and shorten hallways and change some textures.Thanks for the pointers.

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The first map is not the best. The outdoor area looks quite bad because of all the large walls of repeated textures. Your secrets are quite obvious, and vastly overpower the player. The small amount of detailing was either obviously inspired/copied from elsewhere, or just confusing (why is there a curved stone waterfall of slime in the middle of an angular concrete-and-circuits techbase?).

Fighting the Imps as they came in around you from multiple directions in the square room was lots of fun, that worked really well. The rest of the level was linear and easy. The plasma gun made a very fun-looking final room a piece of cake. The fact that you could attack that one from two angles was a nice touch.

The second map is an improvement. The stairs with the red parts in the middle look amazing, wonderful idea! The room with the 4 pillars, the fire detailing on the wall and the Cacodemons and Imps was a great battle. I also think you are the only mapper ever who understands how to make a point-blank Chaingunner trap dangerous, scary and just-survivable all at once. The room with the hanging guys and the yellow key was lots of fun to tackle with just the shotgun.

This map flowed strangely. I found myself backtracking alot as I was swimming in health in some parts, and desperate for a medikit in others. The non-linear nature of the design also means it's easy to miss a key or have to go back to open a blue door and clear out another room.

Again, secrets are too overpowering, and overall there's too much health. The last two rooms were just me firing the plasma gun whilst dodging the odd Baron slime. I lost 6 health against the Spiderdemon, way too easy having it trapped in that little space, you could have just ended the map without it.

Overall, some very massive, rectangular, underdetailed rooms and long corridors with a couple of memorable battles in tighter spots. There were a few deaf monsters not facing the player, which always seems odd, and the door after the red stairs in map 2 would only open for me once.

Also, watch the height of your retaining walls. Some of those slime pits you can't even see into. Maybe try shrink things down a bit? Not everwhere is a massive aircraft hangar.

Hope that helps.

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Solid improvement all around. I like the extra monster closets and the final room. Exit is kinda weird but an improvement.

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