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Is there a way to select an iwad in vanilla Doom?

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I've tried every combination of "doom -iwad doom.wad" I can think of, but it still keeps loading Doom 2.

And yes, doom.wad is in the directory. I've checked several times.

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No, there isn't. You'll just have to have multiple directories for multiple games... or use Chocolate Doom instead.

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exp(x) said:


Not in Vanilla Doom.

Yeah, there's no way to select an IWAD, except to put each of your IWADs in separate directories.

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I remember back in the days I had a .bat file I used for that. All my .wad files were renamed .daw so the engines wouldn't detect them. The bat file had a menu that would let you choose which wad to play, and automatically rename it from .daw to .wad, run doom.exe, and once doom.exe was quit, rename it back to .daw.

Of course I've since completely forgotten how to do such things in batch files. I vaguely remember it involved labels and maybe abusing a "goto errorlevel" thing...

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There is a way to have them in the same folder as I have done (after hearing that someone else did it).

Load up DeHackEd or maybe the Windows port and look under the Misc section and rummage through the wall of text until you find the names of the IWADS. You have to know a little bit about what order the wads get loaded...

For DOOM2.EXE don't change a thing, it loads DOOM2.WAD by default

For DOOM.EXE just rename the "DOOM2.WAD" text to something else with as many letters, DOOM2.XXX works fine as long as you don't actually have a DOOM2.XXX file in the folder... hmm

For Final Doom's FDOOM.EXE and PLUTONIA.WAD again, don't change a thing as it is loaded by default.

For Final Doom's FDOOM.EXE and TNT.WAD rename "PLUTONIA.WAD" text to something...

Now all WADs and EXEs can sit in the same folder... though save games will have to be shared.

Then again that's a lot of work... Check your PM

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Surely there are DOS frontends for this kind of thing. Like the Legacy launcher.exe or ZDL. Have a look around /utils of idgames.

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