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Maps I'm working on

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So I've been casually making a map set, and I am not quite sure where to go from here. I set out trying to make some levels with large amounts of monsters, which I somewhat accomplished on maps 1 and 3. However, due to inherent randomness, I strayed from that path for the other levels.

Currently map01 through map03 is almost-complete (I want to make a proper starting area, make the end of map01 connect to map02, etc). I have started a fourth map which is in a weird sort of direction, but it is far from finished.

Either way, I'd like some feedback, both on the levels themselves and on the progression. Should I get back to large scale battles, or continue to switch between that and the smaller maps? Or, should I try to make them gradually increase in monster quantities? Is the first level too packed? Is the fourth level too annoying?

Get it here:

PS: You'll need limit removal, but also I just remembered I left some 3d mode starts in there, so I believe it will only work on zdoom

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There's some gameplay spoilers in my review.

So I'll give:

Map01 3.5/10
Map02 5.5/10
Map03 6/10
Map04 7/10

All maps played by pistol start.

I didn't enjoy map01. After grabbing a shotgun I ended up camping for two or three minutes killing monsters as they spawn. Level was straight up boring, I would either scrap it or take it in a new direction.

Map02 was short but ok. The encounters in the first room were fun where the monsters teleport in behind you. After that it was pretty blah. Level was too short compared to the first level imo, didn't flow well. Jumping through the window in the first room is frustrating and took me five or six tries, I'm not sure if this is intended or not.

Map03 was a little better. Game play was ok. The area reached by the yellow skull teleporter was pretty well done.

Map04 is looking decent so far. The arch-vile room and the room with the plasma rifle and imps/mancubus were fun. The starting room climbing around on the boxes was annoying imo.

Overall it's looking ok so far. It's important that you make map01 fun though, otherwise folks might not bother playing the rest of your wad.

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Thanks for the review - I think when I started out I really just wanted to see how many guys I could jam in the first room. This was personally fun, but I will definitely re-work map01 and map02

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i thought they were pretty good and designed well, but could be better.
A lot of doors i noticed need to use the Lower Unpegged function on their sides. And at many points in almost all of the maps I had almost no ammo and very little health and had to resort to monster infighting or trial and error to get by some of the parts. I dont know if thats the type of feel you are going for or whatnot but I thought i would just point that out. Maybe I wasn't playing conservatively enough, idk.

Anyways after some cleaning up and final touches I'm sure they maps will come out great.

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