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My map.

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Hello, this is my first doom map. Download it if you wish and constructive criticism is always welcome. well...any feedback is good!

Maybe post a link to a map you have made...i enjoy playing user created maps.


This map was made around this time last year...i just never uploaded it.
I'm working on another one as of right now...should be finished soon.


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Cool map.

The gameplay was pretty fun, I didn't feel bored at any point, though the flow of the map could be improved (backtracking to the key doors for example). The variety of textures was good. Their implementation was very inconsistent though, and there was lots of mis-alignments and cutting into the textures (some doors did this). The map is very flat too, more height variation would go a long way.

Keep it up.

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I'll give it a 6/10. Excellent for a first map. Gameplay overall was decent but too easy for my personal taste. Barrels were a plus. My criticisms are the same as Khorus, but I would also like to suggest more light variation throughout your level as well.

Keep mapping!

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Not bad for a first map. Feels like something made in the late 90s, when people started to understand proper progression (BFG + cyberdemon + E1M1 = bad) as well as theming and detailing their locations with things like pillars and lights.

Some cool opportunities to get barrel frags, but not so many that it's overdone. Some barrel parts seemed pointless, like the red key room, or the clump of barrels surrounding the mancubus. I didn't even see him till he was dead.

There's alot of health around, the only times I really needed it were when the imp pops up behind you as you find the cacodemons before the red key (I thought this was a great trap - aahh which way do i turn?!?), and after the revenants (which was also done very well).

I don't really think you need the rocket launcher, maybe reward the player with an automap there instead, the secret in the big room before the exit is pretty difficult to spot. The rocket launcher location is cool, you really feel like you're coming across some poor marine's last stand.

The only slow part was after I reached the mancubus room, I hunted for a while to find the door containing the switch that opens the imp room, and there it was hidden behind a pillar.

Also, why is sector 29 actually there? I was expecting this to open based on the lines on the automap. And perhaps put the blue key on the Baron's "island", so it feels like a reward for defeating him, instead of tucking it away in a little easy-to-miss alcove.

I'd also give it a 6/10. A bit too much health and a couple of amateur mistakes, but overall a fun 90s-style techbase with a few memorable moments. Keep up the good work!

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@Super Jamie

thanks for playing and reviewing! Your comments are greatly appreciated as they will help me make the map I am working on now better than this one.

thanks again.

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