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Pwad Accessibility

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1... how does ftp.gamers.org work? in general. First, you upload a map. Then... what? Someone looks at the map itself before processing and releasing it to the levels section? Do they play the map? Rate the map? Do they just read the text file? Is the process completely on autopilot? How many people are at the core of ftp.gamers?

Many and much thanks to them for having the archive up and running and viable.

2... how do you create a link to your wad, giving people direct access?

3... how do you capture screen shots of your wad and upload to the forums?



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1. Toss the map onto ftp.gamers.org and then on a whatever (weekly?) basis, Ty Halderman will take a look at a few things about the mod, such as the text file, and if the zip file works or not. Every once in a while he will look into the wad itself, if he has a need to. Ty Halderman also will move it to its final home. In the doom section, Ty Halderman is really the only one doing stuff if I am right

2. If it is on idgames, you can find your wad using doomworld's idgames browser, and post the link to your file. This allows people to use their perferred mirror. If it is on a file sharing site, just post the URL to that using the URL tags

3. Depends on your source port. Usually printscreen will do it. After you got your screenshot, upload it to a free image-sharing site such as tinypic.com , imageshack.us , or photobucket.com (this one requires a account). The site should give you a URL to your image, which you can use the IMG tags to hotlink. IF your image is over 640x480 though, you want to just use a regular link, as images larger than that are not allowed here

If you need help with the tags, scroll down to the Forum Rules: box, and click on vB code. That leads to a guide which will show you what tags you need to use and how to use them. Also, while on idgames, don't forget to check out the official rules! (which are found in the file readme.incoming in the idgames folder). And while you are remembering that, why don't you go ahead and look at that thread named NEWSTUFF FAQ: READ THIS in large red letters ;P

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