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I looked at the sprites for all monsters in Doom Builder 2 visual mode to check theire size. Some of them are too small according to Doom Builder 2:

* Arachnotron: it could be a little wider but it works
* Cyberdemon: yes this is not yet don but when it is done it should be twice as high
* Spiderdemon: this should be much larger

The revenant is to high but not mutch (about 1.5). It fits better as cyberdemon. Idea: Swap sprites for reventant and cyberdemon. The archvile is also to high.

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Wherever you see "GRAPHIC NOT DONE YET" the opportunity exists for you to display your spriting talents.

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...yes but what about my idea to swap revenant and cyber sprites? It would be better for now, wouldn't it?

Btw, revenant and cyber have sounds common in Freedoom. Is it boring to enlarge the revenant sprites and use them for cyber perhaps changing color?

However, it is intresting that the "draft" for the not yet-done-sprites are too small and thats why I begun this discussion

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