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Updated ACS Configuration & Script Editor Suggestions

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Hello. I've updated the keywords and constants list found here in the ZDoom Wiki. It was quite out of date. There are a total of 59 missing entries in the list currently distributed with Doom Builder 2.

Some suggestions for the Script Editor

1) The ACS cfg should be checked with each session of the Script Editor, not each session of DB2. This would make checking updates much easier.

2) Please add an option in the Script Editor Preferences to allow for custom tab spacing.

Thanks for DB2.

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Thanks, I will ship that new one when the new version will be released.

1) No, this would require more effort to code than it would benefit IMO.

2) Sure, will do. No idea why I haven't done this already.

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Well the only reason I suggested #1 is because I seem to be having difficulties seeing the changes in the DB2 Script Editor.

The code for UnmorphActor is clearly in my file:

UnmorphActor = "UnmorphActor(tid, force)";
However, it does not highlight in the Script Editor.

I more or less did the same thing I've always done when maintaining the cfg at the Wiki; edited the lists and left the top commands alone. Have I edited my ZDoom_ACS.cfg incorrectly?
...the whole config...just click link above...

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I don't know from looking at that, too much information.

I have copied the config from the wiki and put it in my development version. I'll check and see why UnmorphActor does not work. Thanks.

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The problem seems to be that none of the new entries are recognized. Just pasting the list of constants into the script editor shows that none of the additions highlight.

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