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music to Doom by..

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this may be post hellable, and that would make 2 in one day.

anyways, what is everyone's favorite music to play while playing Doom?

either full cds or one single track.

My personal favorites are:

Lateralus by Tool

Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd

Antipop by Primus

Life Won't Wait by Rancid.

Also, while playing Heretic, listen to Play by Moby.

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I don't play Doom with cd music that often, but the first time I listened to Pretty Hate Machine it was while playing Doom. Damn that was one awesome experience. I wish I remember what wad I was playing.

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Das Ich's soundtrack, Das Innere Ich.

I used to play to a mix of their regular stuff, a Danzig mix, some of Marc Pullen's tracks and whatever else might have been playing in WinAmp at the time, but now it's strictly Das Innere Ich.

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AFi, is a common selection..

Das Ich is another. :)

Q2 soundtrack is another... I love it..

Regular Doom music.

Regular addon music..

Anything by Marc A Pullen.. whooo

warious hardcore punk rock.. It gotta be hard.. cause doom is hard.. and uhm yeah

BTW Lüt, send those wavs. :p

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bane: oh, the horror!

heh, doom is a horror packed action game so you need creepy music.

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My own music.

don't ya get deaf?

Just psychotic.

tell me, fredrik, is your avatar listening to your music...?

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