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Playing without HUD

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Anyone else do this?

I'm trying it out as a new tweak to playing Doom. Basically you rely on counting the amount of times you take damage in comparison to the thickness of the shade of red whenever you are hit and guess how low you are on health while playing. And you pretty much have to assume you are low on ammo all the time.

Its been pretty fun lately. It seems like it would be easy to get used to on DM since I rarely use my HUD then at all, but on single player it's a different story.

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I once went one step further and played with my monitor switched off whilst playing Episode 1. I managed to get to E1M3 (not very far through the map) before I died.

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EarthQuake said:

Uh one step further? That's like ten steps there Mr. Enjay. :P

What are the previous 9? I'd like to know. I guess playing with no messages could be one, but having messages is hardly a handicap.

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Playing without saving.
Playing without sound.
Playing without a mouse.
Playing without a keyboard.
Playing without taking any damage.
Playing without hurting any monsters.
Playing on low detail in 320x200.
Playing with all of the above.

Well, that's eight, but... :P

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This has been done before. Visioning about playing without hands e.e.e.e.e. Note: don't play with your nose. You'll inhale the abysmal dirt from below.

I do think that playing without HUD is best for realism, as far as Doom realism goes, but if it were completely realistic, you'd have to be able to see your wounds, know your heartbeat, feel dizzy or not, and be able to count your ammo (all by using various keystrokes). In a few words: without statusbar = challenging.

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