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Favorite Doom Game?

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see how we all love doom id like to know which doom is voted for so i can try to make some maps for it... im not very good cuz i just started but id like to see which doom wins out of all the dooms... it cant be doom 3 has to be older versions... post some pics of ur favorite moments if u like. but give a reason why tht doom is the best of them all... u never know someone may share the same likes.
Radeon147, Map Maker in Progress

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in order of preference

Single player:
C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom -skill 4 -warp 2 1 -file PK_DOOM_SFX
C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom -skill 4 -warp 3 1 -file PK_DOOM_SFX
C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom -skill 4 -file PK_DOOM_SFX
C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom2 -skill 4 -file PK_DOOM_SFX
C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom -skill 4 -warp 4 1 -file PK_DOOM_SFX

C:\doom\zdoom -iwad doom2 -skill 5 -deathmatch 2 -file PK_DOOM_SFX 1-way6e or dw29a

If you're a virgin to doom, I think it would be interesting if you played an episode someone else made first rather than id software's.

Some suggestions: WD1.wad (Wonderful Doom) Maybe google search some doom 1 episodes to play.

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Doom 1 and 2 are essentially the same game, but Doom 2 maps tend to be more hectic, mainly because of the monster set. But, everyone here plays both so it really doesn't matter what you make your maps for. I make maps for both Doom 1 and 2, and even Heretic sometimes. It all depends on what you feel like making.

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Actually, I'd cite Wonderfull Doom as an example of what *not* to do. Changing the direction of a few lifts, copypasting a few original rooms and connecting them with featureless blocky corridors is not my idea of a good "remake".

If you want to check out some good remakes, Doom Redemption by SlayeR is great fun (though a little messy in design), and I have a few more favorites written down somewhere. Deadall's Remain1 springs to mind as probably the best remake evar, far surpassing the original levels in some cases.

As for which game, it's reasonable to expect your audience to own all the official Dooms, so if a level is made for Doom 1 or 2 or even one of the Final Doom IWADs, it'll be fine. It doesn't really matter, as long as the map is good, it will get play time.

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