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Lost DooM Levels

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I think it is very sad when a well done level, with good ideas, disapears from the web.

I'm speaking about the "famous" cthulhu wad, still without name, which is the subject of the threads:



Is it possible that this level simply svanished? No one has a copy of it in his/her hardisk?

I mean: do you think we can still accept that wads svanish? Is it like a piece of history (our history, in a sense) that svanish?

Are there tou in the web other wad archives that we do not know even the existence?


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Is it the one referred to here? The .txt file says it's based upon "The Picture In The House". I know I downloaded the copy that Ghostpilot uploaded, but I can't remember if I ever got around to playing it or not...

(And I hate it when anything -- not just WADs -- disappear.)

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Super Jamie said:
Ghostpilot still posts here, maybe he still has that cthulu.zip?

Found it... if anyone's interested, I've put it here.

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CODOR said:


You'll probably be happy to know that halfway last year, a near-complete copy of Fritz Lang's Metropolis was found in a film archive in Argentina. It's being restored, and said to be slated for DVD release this year. Apparently we now have all the movie except one scene.

If you haven't seen Metropolis, I definitely recommend it. Without a word spoken, it's still a captivating film. Lang was decades ahead of his time. I can't wait for this new version to come out!

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@ CODOR: thank you for the level. I think it should be uploaded in the archives. It must be uploaded.

@ Super Jamie: it is not the level i intended but thank you the same: i will play it surely.


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