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Automatic Weapon Reload

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Hey guys. First, thx alot for all the help, you gave me on previous problems. But now, here's a very special question. I couldnt find an answer or tutorial, etc.., so I hope, anyone can help me out^^:
I know, that the following IS possible, but I have no idea, how to realize that:
We all know the Duke Nukem3D pistol, and that it reloads automtic after 12 shots are fired. How can I make this for the DooM-pistol? I want to do this for the shotgun, the rocket launcher and the plasma rifle, too.
The extra-sprite and sound question is no problem, I could just lower the sprites for the 'reload-time', and put a 'reload-sound' in.
I'am not so familiar with whacked or dhacked, but I'am sure that this is important to realize that.

thx for any help

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With DeHackEd... Well, it might be possible but it'll be a bitch to do.

Or you can try using a port with advanced modding features. By alphabetical order, EDGE, Eternity, Vavoom and ZDoom have actor definition languages that allow you to change the behavior of weapons. (Though for Eternity, the "weapons" part is still in development.) The most popular format seems to be ZDoom's DECORATE language, which is also used by GZDoom and Skulltag. (And Vavoom has implemented it too, though some recent additions might still be missing.) That's the one I'd recommend to a beginner because it's the one with which you're the most likely to find people able to help you. EDGE has DDF, Eternity has EDF, and Vavoom has VavoomC.

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