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Revenant sketch/inks

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Fucking hawt! I wanna bone that revenant.

I really like how you left in all the classic details about it, and how you managed to add your own, like the little bits of muscle still attached around the pelvis. All of the wires and stuff is really cool, especially down by the spinal column.

How much for prints? :D

Oh wow, I just looked at your previous work, and I'd have to say this is infinitely better. You've improved quite a bit! This is professional quality here. :)

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I like how you can see a faint outline of the ribs and spine on the first drawing.

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Nathan92 said:

Thanks guys!
Would you be interested in a print of this, Earthquake? :D

Yeah, I'd definitely consider it after I find a job.
I don't have any Doom artwork or posters at all.

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Maybe once I'm done with the colored version, I can submit it to Deviantart as a print. That way they can take care of the paper, etc.

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Much improved over the previous Revenant you did--whatever practice you've been doing has paid off.

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