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My First Map

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This could be alot better...but since it is your first map, i guess its not that big of a deal. keep making maps...try not to have any halls of mirrors showing either...their quite ugly. also try to use a variety of textures...but not a huge variety.

keep practicing..it will help improve your next map!

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I remember doing a rough apartment kind of prefab for a map I worked on a while ago, and although imo it wasn't too bad, it was still too squishy. That was with only former humans/sergeants, imps, and lost souls in there. If you do another 'house' map, try to limit it to those kind of enemies. Others just take too much room to do well.

Another thing is to remember to check 'lower unpegged' on the inside of doors, didn't notice it on the ones with doortrak textures, but the cement ones it was very noticeable on.

And finally the monster spawner ... not a good idea. Keep it for the huge maps where monster population can use the immigration.

Just keep playing and making maps, try to find things you'd like to put in your maps and find out how they're made. Then think of innovative ways of combining or adjusting them so they're in your style.

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it was a cool map im not gonna lie. somethings could be added like an outside part of the map or some better textures. i thought the hitler picture behind the door was funny and the John Romero head was a little overkill haha
i give it a 4 outta 5 it was good for a first map

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I dont like house or reality themed maps but i think u made a nice first try. Some rooms were too small and i got stuck in some place and had to use noclip. The boss head at the end didn't seem to fit in well, othervise a nice try for a first map.

Try fixing the door sides and make them lower unpegged or what its called.

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