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Quick question (about TNT: Evilution)

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Hey guys,

I'm making a lot of DOOM music remakes lately and one week ago I finished a TNT: Evilution music remake. The MAP06 "Open Season" music, to be exact.
For some music remakes I make a small video showing some gameplay of the specific level, then upload it to my Youtube channel, and I was gonna do the same for this one. In every video I of course give credit to the original composer of the song.

But here's the thing: Who's the actual composer of the MAP06 music?
I know TNT: Evilution used music from different contributors, and I know four of them are Jonathan El-Bizri, Josh Martel, L.A. Sieben and Tom Mustaine...
But does anyone know who composed the MAP06 music, so I can give credit to the right guy?

Thanks in advance!

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LogicDeLuxe said:

There is little info on the TeamTNT homepage, and I afraid, that is all we have.
We had a similar issue in the other thread: Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack
I once asked them which midi devices they composed the songs on, but didn't got any reply.

Damn. I guess I'll credit the four of them then.
I got those four names from the Overclocked Remix site and they give credit to all four of them there as well.

Thanks for the reply.

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TNT has some great music. wormhole, hunting season and of course pharaoh.

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Torr Samaho said:

TNT has some great music. wormhole, hunting season and of course pharaoh.

I know :)
The MAP04 and MAP08 tracks are my personal favorites.

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