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This is a remake that I made. It is a fast paced 1-on-1 DM. Can be a fun Free For All map as well.

It can be downloaded from http://doom.dogsoft.net (as Fuloser.zip) or you can connect directly to Dwango United - NJ#18 and let ZDaemon get it for you.

Optimal settings for this wad is:
DMFLAG 1 = 2297956
DMFLAG 2 = 287744
Time Limit = 0

If these flags very it may cause the plasma bump to be to easy and can create many unwanted plasma grabs. This will make sense to you when you play the map.

(Note the switch to lower the BFG is on a pillar near the exit door. Note in actually gameplay it is very hard to actually grab and use the BFG.)

I believe if you just play single player you may not see the weapons because how I originally tagged everything.

Feel free to host this wad on your favorite servers.


If anyone has any recommendations let me know, was thinking about making a version two of this map.

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