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Making the Maulotaur and...

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thinking of how Raven got the Maulotaur's "flame snake[the flames that crawl along the ground at you in Heretic]" attack to act the way they did, since I'm planning to give him that attack, and possibly a "homing" flame snake attack.

I'll probably find a way to do it myself, but does anyone have any ideas on how they think it might work anyways? You may come up with a better method than I would. Thanks.

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Since I copied the maulotaur's code into Eternity for use in my TC I know exactly how it works.

The maulotaur spawns one of the fire spike objects on the floor and gives it momentum toward its target. As the fire spike object moves along, it calls an action function that spawns more identical fire spike objects at its location.

The way in which the fire spike can travel over breaks in the ground (up stairs, down cliffs, etc) is handled specially in the source code that moves missiles. Its not possible to achieve such an effect with any normal projectile.

Also, the fire spike objects that are spawned by the first one are given a small amount of momentum so that they can damage the player if touched -- as you may know, DOOM cannot detect collisions for zero-speed missiles - they must be moving, even if only slightly. To my knowledge there's also no way to duplicate this effect outside the source code. Missiles cannot call the typical attack-type code pointers in order to spawn another missile without causing serious problems.

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