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Nice, nice master Irod54, but your blue door needs a yellow key, wtf? Yeah, it's a small bug, so please fix this and reupload this masterpiece :-P!

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Deeforce said:

but your blue door needs a yellow key, wtf? Yeah, it's a small bug,

As far as gameplay is concerned, it is a serious bug. And to be more specific, lines 2621 and 2620 need the line action/type 26 , not 27.

Other things I have noticed.

This wad is full of superfluous additional entries. Use XWE to delete them. I managed to go from 13.7Mb to 2.77Mb.

Missing textures on lines 467, 7817, 8595, 8620 and 8622.

When the player teleports to sector 480, and if the player stupidly drops down to either sector 438 or 403 ( and jumping is not used - this is assumed since the player had to teleport to sector 480 and not just jump up to it in the first place ) the player is trapped.

Wrong lower texture on line 3309. It should have been GSTONE1.

If you intend this wad to be uploaded to the archives, I suggest giving the wad another name. There is at least one other wad named ambush.wad.

The rest is subjective ...

For the torches at sectors 742 and 743, a random flickering effect ( type 17 ) might have looked better.

I'm guessing you meant the light level at sector 686 to be 144 ? - Check ceiling.

Sector 709 would have looked better with a ceiling height of 304 to avoid skywall anomalies.

..... other than this, a very enjoyable wad !

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Thanks! I have now fixed all the errors. I'll rename the wad Carnage Central.

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lol!! For some reason I really like this map. I don't know why. Because it's fricking ridicolously hard. I discovered something new about how to approach the map after about every 5 deaths. :D And then I was fighting for nearly a minute without incurring any damage at all and not using the blur sphere... strange. Shortly later my screen went instantly red. :)

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Awesome map, went max kills and it took 1:15:xx O.o That first invisibility run is tough though, took me about 20 tries to get through at near full health, and then take down the archvile and survive. And it was only HMP ...

A few things, after the room with the 2 lifts before the big open area, I started to get too much ammo. Might want to ease off the ammo later in HMP. And in the room with the 3 red pillars behind the cyberdemon, with the throne, block access to the control panel, the pillars won't let you out. Also the 2nd room after that room with the 3 red warp textures, make the windows a bit higher, I got out that way. Might also be a good secret spot ;D

Again awesome map, I'll try UV when I get the chance.

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